As some of you may already know I'm a Jericho fan....that TV show with those nutty fans...or so we've been called all over the net. Personally, most of the people I have met through Jericho have been.....well.....Jericho townspeople.
It seems this show has brought together the very people that are portrayed in the show itself; good, honest, hard working people who look out for each other and help when things go wrong. Sure there's some fighting when you see a mushroom cloud on the horizon, sure you worry about eating, drinking, surviving period. You may even fight with other towns, sometimes the differences work out sometimes there's napalm and a hunky soldier involved (Beck anyone?) but eventually you remember what is really important and start to help each other out picking corn in a field, picking up a rifle, sending nuts, writing letters, posting, voting, sending nuts, donating to so many charities and causes that the list has become almost as famous as the campaigns themselves, the print ads, the billboard, the TV ad, the list goes on and on.

Jericho the show that the fans, cast, crew, writers and producers believed in and indentified with, the only ones who didn't get it - the network itself. They went and said 'let's try something different" and then bailed on it before they gave it any kind of real chance. Jericho had indeed made history, the Star Trek story of the 21st century, here's hoping that Jericho has the long and fruitful history that Star Trek has and continues to have.
As a fandom we've set new records, created new records and while doing it gave to our soldier's overseas (DVD'S), a Jericho like town destroyed by tornadoes, both of these for two years now. We donated peanut butter/food to the Kansas Food Bank, money to the Red Cross and more. The creative forces behind Jericho work with us all the time and boy do we love to shock them, we really do, with the stuff we pull.

Our peanut butter campaign continues, Spreading The Nutty Love, we don't have an ending date for it. Please donate to the Kansas Food Bank if you can to our Amazon Wishlist or find out more information at Spreading The Nutty Love . For updates on totals please check our thread on the CBS Jericho Board or Jericho Revolution.

Jericho has really brought out the best in everyone, so why wouldn't we want to see more of the show that encourages us to help each other out, question our government (its is our duty after all as citizens), and you know what the show is one heck of an E Ride Ticket. If you haven't seen it, you really should or you could just keep flipping through 400+ channels and still end up with reruns because there's nothing on TV to watch, shouldn't I be getting more for my money off of cable?